Inventory issues to consider when selecting your commercial insurance policy

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Consider your inventory realities when selecting a commercial policy

If your company holds a sizable inventory, it should be a factor when choosing your commercial insurance policy. Inventory can fluctuate monthly, especially if your business is seasonal. It’s important to value your inventory properly when selecting your policy.

Taken as a whole, inventory can comprise a significant amount of your company’s overall balance sheet. This means that it is an investment that should be protected. It’s important to value your inventory investment at its highest levels. For example, if you own a business that caters to winter activities and secures your insurance policy in the summer, your inventory will likely be low.

Be sure to value your inventory at its highest level. This is true no matter when you obtain your policy. Inventory is a key part of running a business, and if your stock were to be destroyed in a covered event, you would want to have the proper level of protection. Inventory levels are just one part of the overall insurance selection process but an important one to consider.

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