Types of Boat Insurance: Pick Policies To Keep Your Boat Afloat

If you own a boat, you may wonder what types of insurance will best protect your vessel. Remember to include year-round protection for your watercraft. That includes time spent in storage for the winter as well as on the water. The team at Acme Insurance Brokerage in Amityville, NY has put the following information together to help you keep your boat covered whether it’s afloat or in dry dock.

What Are the Main Coverage Types?

Just like car insurance, you’ll need bodily injury and property damage to start with. You’ll also want to consider insurance that covers emergency services and uninsured operators. Keep reading to learn more about basic boat insurance and options that can give you peace of mind while you enjoy your watercraft.

Watercraft medical payment coverage will reimburse you for expenses related to injuries. In case of a fatality, it may even help you cover funeral expenses. Ensure that your policy includes coverage for both you and your passengers. Watercraft liability coverage covers repair or replacement costs for other people involved in the accident.

Boat insurance with property coverage reimburses you for damage to your docked boat. It also covers accidents with other boats, buoys, piers, and debris. Talk to your agent about the advantages of adding an endorsement for repair costs. Typically, this coverage handles damage to your boat, equipment, trailer, and motor.

Emergency services and uninsured watercraft coverage give you additional protection on the water. Emergency services may include the cost of mechanical labor, towing, and the delivery of replacement fuel or parts. Not everyone who operates a boat has sufficient insurance to cover an accident. Some voters may not have insurance at all. Uninsured watercraft coverage will help your family recover from financial losses due to a run-in with uninsured boaters.

Additional Coverage Options

If lost or stolen, personal effects coverage can cover your expensive fishing equipment and other gear. Additionally, equipment coverage can be written to include everything from anchors to light jackets to radios to navigation gear. Boat trailer coverage reimburses you for damage to your trailer in the case of an unforeseen accident.

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How Does Boat Size Affect Your Insurance Policy?

Boaters in Amityville, NY are not legally required to obtain boat insurance, though many choose to do so for the protection it offers. In addition, a lender will generally require you to purchase indemnification while there is a balance on your watercraft. 

Boat size can affect your insurance policy, as it can affect the types of risk you may be subject to. A bigger boat may be one you can spend more time in at sea, increasing the possibility of being involved in a mishap. An accident may cost significantly more to fix damage to your boat and address issues you cause to another vessel. 

However, larger boats are more stable and less likely to lose control over them. Accidents can sometimes happen, though, with propellors that are not fully disengaged before guests go swimming, causing injury and medical expenses. Acme Insurance Brokerage agents are eager to discuss specifics with you in more detail. 

Electrical problems can occur when docked and hooked into a power source to run electronics, which can harm your property and people. A bigger boat can have various systems and components that need upkeep, such as the exhaust ports. These can become blocked, sending CO2 back into the main cabin, and sickening passengers and crew. 

Larger vessels are more difficult to operate successfully, and it’s necessary to have experience before embarking on this endeavor. Many insurers will want to know that you have the necessary knowledge to undertake this challenge. 

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Protect your boat while it’s in dry dock

Acme Insurance Brokerage and our Amityville, NY area team understand that owning a boat can come with some logistical issues. There is the need for a dock to store the vessel while in use, and the need to find a home for your boat during the winter months. Many people opt for a dry dock solution and keep their boats out of the water when it’s not boating season. Dry dock storage also requires insurance protection, just as your boat needs to be covered when it is on the water.

Dry dock coverage for your boat

When your boat is on the water and you’re out enjoying your day on the lake, it’s easy to see why it’s necessary to have boat insurance. When your boat is away in dry dock for the off-season, it’s easy to think that you need less protection. But, let’s remember all of the reasons why insurance is necessary in the first place. 

Even when your boat is in storage, it can still fall victim to theft, vandalism, or damage. Don’t think that your need for protection ends at the water’s edge. There are very compelling reasons for carrying comprehensive boat insurance all year long, no matter where your boat may be. 

Rely on us for all of your boat insurance needs

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Do You Need Boat Insurance Year Round?

If you’re looking for boat insurance in the Amityville, NY area, Acme Insurance Brokerage can help. But do you need to insure your boat all year round? You probably don’t use it in the wintertime and it’s stored in your garage, a dry dock, or another location. Some people also cover their boats securely and store them outside. No matter where you’re keeping your boat, though, it’s a pretty safe assumption that it’s not being used when the weather is cold and snowy. Still, there are accidents that can happen to it and it’s a good idea to make sure it’s insured even when it’s sitting parked.

If you want to protect your boat from harm, keeping it insured is one of the best ways to do that. By working with knowledgeable agents, you may have the opportunity to reduce or adjust your boat coverage during times when it’s not being used. That can mean adequate protection all year round, so you can have peace of mind about your boat more easily. You don’t have to drop your coverage and hope that nothing goes wrong, or remember to get coverage before the first warm, summer day. Our agents can help make sure you’re handling your boat policy the right way.

Boat insurance in the Amityville, NY area doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. You can get the help you need today from Acme Insurance Brokerage. That way you won’t have to worry about the kind of coverage you have and the type of policy you’re offered. You’ll know you’re getting good recommendations so you can make an informed choice. You’ll be able to enjoy using your boat when the weather is nice, and you can store it without worry during times when the weather isn’t good for boating. Reach out to us today, and let us help you find coverage that meets your needs.

Do You Need Boat Insurance in New York

Having a boat is great for spring trips or summer getaways. If you own a boat or are thinking about getting one, here are a few things you should consider if you’re in New York. The agents at Acme Insurance Brokerage in Amityville, NY can help you with your boat insurance needs and questions.

Insurance for Boats

In New York, you will need to register your boat before you can drive it on to the water. Even though insurance is not necessary, some marinas do require a certain level of insurance to use their space. It would also be a terrible loss if you did not have insurance and something tragic happened to your asset. Some homeowner’s insurance policy may cover a portion of a boat, but it will be restricted based on the size and horsepower. Your policy will also have limits on a boat’s coverage. Getting boat or watercraft coverage is a better way to protect your boat. 

Watercraft Insurance Coverage

  • Property damage liability – is part of your liability coverage that protects you if you cause damage to some else’s boat, property, or dock.

  • Collision coverage – covers you by helping to pay for repairs or a replacement boat if it is involved in an accident.

  • Comprehensive coverage – protects you if your boat is damaged as a result of vandalism, weather, and fire. It also helps you if your boat is stolen.

  • Bodily injury liability – covers the cost of medical payments and other expenses that you would have to pay if you injure someone. 

The amounts paid to the injured party are based on your policy’s limits. You can always tailor your policy to match your needs. In Amityville, NY, Acme Insurance Brokerage can help you get the boat insurance that will benefit you.