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New York Homeowners with auto insurance coverage

Home Insurance in New York

One of the biggest investments you'll make in your entire life is your home, so it's important you protect that investment with good home insurance. And if you're in the Amityville, NY area or surrounding areas, you can get excellent coverage of all types from Acme Insurance Brokerage.

Is It Necessary?

When you own a home free and clear, you aren't required to carry home insurance. There's nobody to tell you that you're required to insure your home. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't have home insurance no matter what your situation is. There are a lot of different coverage options offered under home insurance policies, many of which can save you a ton of money if disaster does happen to strike. Beyond simple things like protecting your property in the event of a natural disaster, home insurance can also keep you from being held financially liable when somebody is injured on your property. A New York home insurance policy can also cover damage to separate dwellings like your unattached garage or shed.

Separate Coverage

While there are a lot of things your New York home insurance policy will cover, there are a few specifics that won't be covered. The two big things that aren't covered under your home insurance policy by default are floods and earthquakes. These coverages are generally purchased as a separate policy entirely, which means you need to evaluate how much of a risk there is for floods and earthquakes in your area. Keep in mind that even without purchasing separate coverage, things like fires, windstorms and lightning strikes will still be covered under your regular policy.

Nothing is more important than making sure your property is protected and you have peace of mind. At Acme Insurance Brokerage, we can help you get the perfect policy for your home. To learn more and get a free quote, give us a call today.

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