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New York Classic Car Insurance coverage
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Classic Car Insurance in New York

Does Your New York Driveway Look Like A Car Show?

Our insurance agents at Acme Insurance Brokerage, located in Amityville, NY understand your classic car insurance needs. Classic car owners don’t make the mistake of thinking that a regular automobile insurance policy is suitable. Classic cars generally are housed and stored differently from everyday use cars. The sentimental value, as well as the restored value versus the pre-restored value, must be considered when acquiring this unique brand of insurance. We also understand what differentiates your classic car from the average old clunker. Helping you to understand how you use your vehicle and what is necessary to deem it a classic car.

In New York State a vehicle qualifies for historical plates once it is 25 years old. Another qualification for historic or classic car distinction is the stipulation that the car in question is not used for daily transportation and is only possessed as a collector's item or exhibition piece. Once the criteria are met, you can request historical plates from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). These license plates have the word “historical” printed on the actual bottom of the plate. If you’d rather use vintage plates, you would have to purchase them from a collector of automobiles, a flea market or perhaps a trade show or antique dealer. Prior to purchase contact the Custom Plates Unit of the DMV to make certain the plate number is available for vintage plate registration.

Don’t wait, come visit Acme Insurance Brokerage Inc. today. We are well versed and familiar with the classic car insurance laws of New York and will aptly guide you accordingly. Our convenient location in New York is at 176 Park Ave. Amityville, NY 11701. If you’d like to call ahead, contact us at 631-264-6464. We will be able to craft a policy that will meet the specific needs connecting to your classic car insurance.

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