Does my auto insurance cover me driving for Uber or Lyft?

Acme Insurance Brokerage knows that many people in Amityville, NY, and its surrounding areas work second jobs, including gig work, such as driving for Lyft or Uber. Whether personal auto insurance covers you while you drive at your gig has become a common question among gig workers.

Personal Auto Insurance Covers You Off the Clock

The personal auto insurance you purchased to register your vehicle does not automatically include coverage for driving as a gig worker. You need to add a rider called rideshare insurance for full coverage. It only covers you while you drive for personal reasons.

Uber and Lyft Provide Some Coverage

The rideshare apps Lyft and Uber provide some coverage for their drivers. According to Car and Driver, the rideshare app coverage only protects you with an active rider request or a rider in the vehicle.

You need to add rideshare insurance to your auto policy to cover you when you have the app open but have yet to accept a ride request. The app’s insurance provides you with liability coverage at this time but not with collision or comprehensive insurance coverage. If you cause an accident, you will get stuck with the repair bill for your vehicle. If a deer runs out in front of your vehicle, you would not be covered without rideshare coverage.

Personal Auto Coverage Doesn’t Apply Once You Open the App

If you decide to take a lunch break and close the app, logging out in the process, your personal auto insurance covers anything that happens during lunch. While you remain logged out of the ride-sharing app, your personal coverage protects you.

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