Who Should Consider Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s insurance can cover your belongings and protects you from liability if someone is injured on your property. Renter’s insurance isn’t always required, but it’s still a great idea. At Acme Insurance Brokerage in Amityville, NY, we offer renter’s insurance. 

Types of Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance typically consists of several types of coverage. These include personal property damage, personal liability, and loss of use. 

Personal Property Damage

Personal property damage will cover the worth of your belongings if they are damaged if your policy covers up to the coverage limit. 

Personal Liability 

You may be held financially responsible if a guest is injured on your property. Personal liability protects you from damages if someone is injured on your property. 

Loss of Use Coverage 

Loss of use coverage will cover your expenses if you temporarily move from your home. If your home is damaged or in need of repair, it’s already a stressful situation. Further financial strain can make the problem worse. 

Is Renter’s Insurance Required? 

Some landlords and building management firms require renter’s insurance. If your landlord doesn’t require it, you are not obligated to carry it. However, you should still consider a renter’s policy. 

Who Needs Renter’s Insurance? 

You need a renter’s policy if you can not afford to replace all your belongings. You can be sued for medical expenses if someone is injured on your property. If this would cause you financial hardship, you should also carry a renter’s policy. 

Lastly, you should consider a renter’s policy that includes loss of use coverage if you would struggle to pay for housing if you had to move temporarily. 

Renter’s Insurance at Acme Insurance Brokerage 

If you need renter’s insurance in Amityville, NY, contact us at Acme Insurance Brokerage. We will help you choose the right policy and coverage limits to protect you financially.