First-Time Riders, First-Time Insurers: A Guide to Motorcycle Insurance for Beginners

The open road beckons first-time motorcycle riders in the scenic town of Amityville, NY. At Acme Insurance Brokerage, we understand the thrill and responsibility that comes with your inaugural ride. Let’s navigate the world of motorcycle insurance for beginners, ensuring your journey is exhilarating and well-protected.

The Excitement of the Open Road

With its picturesque roads, Amityville sets the perfect backdrop for your first motorcycle adventure. As you embrace the excitement of the open road, Acme Insurance Brokerage is here to guide you through securing the right insurance coverage.

Understanding the Basics of Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is more than a legal requirement for first-time riders – it’s a crucial safety net. Our guide covers the basics, ensuring you ride confidently and safely.

Tailored Coverage for Amityville’s New Riders

Navigating Amityville, NY streets on two wheels calls for coverage aligning with your unique needs. Acme Insurance Brokerage specializes in tailored motorcycle insurance for first-time riders, offering options that suit your individual journey.

A Seamless Introduction to Insurance

Taking your first steps into motorcycle insurance, we offer a seamless introduction. We simplify the process, helping you understand policy options, coverage limits, and the nuances of insuring your motorcycle in Amityville.

Your Partner on the Road

Your safety on the road is our priority. Acme Insurance Brokerage is your partner in ensuring safe and secure riding in Amityville. Our commitment goes beyond insurance – we’re here to support you on this exciting journey.

Ready to Ride? Contact Today

If you’re a first-time rider in Amityville, NY, ready to embark on a thrilling motorcycle adventure, contact us today. Let us guide you through motorcycle insurance. Call now to get started.

Four things that will help you when you buy motorcycle insurance

There are requirements that every state has regarding motorcycle insurance. You need to buy motorcycle insurance if you own and drive a bike in New York. At Acme Insurance Brokerage, we sell motorcycle insurance policies and can help you with coverage.

Here are four things that will help you when you buy motorcycle insurance. 

Having a good record as a motorist

Insurance companies may be unwilling to sell insurance to bikers with poor driving records. If you have a good DMV record with few or no infractions, any insurance company out there will be happy to take you on as a customer. 

Putting time into exploring your options

Getting the best policy for the unique situation you’re in requires you to do some research. By spending time discovering motorcycle insurance options, you can be confident that you’ve chosen a policy that suits your situation. 

Being informed about the types of motorcycle insurance

There are a few different motorcycle insurance types that you’ll want to know about.

Most importantly, you need to know about liability insurance since it’s required by law in New York. You’ll also want to know about collision and comprehensive coverage.

There are a few additional types of coverage you might want to know about and purchase to be financially protected as a biker. 

Investing in safety technology for your bike

Safety features like anti-lock brakes, adaptive headlights, and automatic clutch and shift features can make your biker safer. These features can also qualify you for discounts on your motorcycle insurance policy.

Consider investing in installing such features to save on insurance over time. 

Are you ready to buy motorcycle insurance? Let us be your source of information on motorcycle insurance in Amityville, NY at Acme Insurance Brokerage. Get a quote from us today and explore our policy options. 

New York Motorcycle Insurance – What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Insurance

Riding a motorcycle is a unique experience from driving any other vehicle on the road.  It’s just you and the road with a motorcycle and there’s no other experience that can replicate it.  Just as you would with a car, you are required to carry motorcycle insurance to legally ride on the road in New York.  We will cover the different types of motorcycle insurance available to choose from and what they entail.  Acme Insurance Brokerage in Amityville, NY offers motorcycle insurance and other insurance needs.

Motorcycle Insurance

There are similar coverages and limits between motorcycle insurance coverage and car insurance coverage.  Motorcycles do have unique add-ons which we’ll cover later, but in essence, the terms used in both cars and motorcycle policies are almost interchangeable.  

Personal Liability / Property Damage

Personal Liability and Property Damage remain the base upon which your insurance cover sits.  This form of coverage is required in all states and must have a minimum coverage level in a dollar amount that varies from state to state.   The minimum coverages for motorcycle insurance in New York is $10,000 in property damage liability, $50,000 per person / $100,000 total accident in death liability, and $25,000 per person / $50,000 in total accident in bodily injury liability.  

Unique Add-Ons

Motorcycle Insurance has unique add-ons in the form of lay-up insurance.  You don’t ride a motorcycle year-round, especially in the snow-covered months of winter.  So, lay-up insurance is a way to keep your bike insured while it’s stored for the winter months.  There are other add-ons that you can add to your motorcycle insurance policy such as roadside assistance and other additions.

More Information

You can learn more about motorcycle insurance by contacting Acme Insurance Brokerage in Amityville, NY today!

Should I Insure My Bike When It Is In Storage?

Amityville, NY winters can be hard on a motorcycle. At Acme Insurance Brokerage, agents are able to help local motorcycle owners keep their ride protected all year long. Simple things like putting your motorcycle in a locked garage can keep it from being stolen, but there are other things that must be considered as well.

Winterize It Properly

Winterize your bike properly. After you’ve taken it out on one last ride for the year, fill the gas tank, and add a fuel stabilizer. Let the engine run for a few minutes to make sure the stabilizer makes its way through the entire system. Change the oil and filter as well. Clean or replace the air filter and remove the battery so it can be stored somewhere warm.

Keep It Covered

Keep your motorcycle covered. Buy a bike cover that fits your motorcycle. This way you won’t have any loose material hanging off the sides for you to trip over. It will also keep your bike from being scratched or marked up while it’s in storage.

Keep It Insured

Always keep your motorcycle insured. Even with today’s advanced security systems, bikes can be easily stolen if a person is intent on taking it. Keeping it insured will also protect you from loss if it is damaged while it is sitting in storage. A roof caving in or something falling from a rafter can do quite a bit of damage.

The agents of Acme Insurance Brokerage understand how important it is for you to keep your bike protected. Residents who live in or near Amityville, NY can call or stop by the office if they have questions about motorcycle insurance or how to keep their motorcycle more secure while it’s in storage.

Why should I get motorcycle insurance in New York?

For people that are in the Amityville, NY area, buying a motorcycle can be an excellent investment. When you have a motorcycle, you will have an efficient way to get around town and can also enjoy the fantastic weather that occurs during the year. However, if you are going to buy a motorcycle, you also need to ensure that you have it covered with a good motorcycle insurance policy. There are several reasons why someone should have motorcycle insurance in New York.

Ensure You Comply with the Law

One reason why you need to have motorcycle insurance when you are in New York is that it will make sure that you comply with the law. The state requires that all motorcycle owners carry insurance at all times. If these lapse, you could violate state laws and could face a variety of penalties, including the loss of all driving privileges.

Protects the Investment

When you buy a motorcycle, you are also making a significant investment and purchase. The best way to ensure that this is adequately protected is by getting motorcycle insurance. When you have a motorcycle, you are going to get coverage against many situations that could cause a loss for you in the future, including vandalism or theft. 

Those that want to own a motorcycle in the Amityville, NY area need to have the right insurance coverage in place. One of the best ways that someone can do this is by contacting the team at Acme Insurance Brokerage. When you speak with the professionals at Acme Insurance Brokerage, you will learn a lot more about all of the insurance options that you have. This will make it a lot easier to pick a solid policy for your situation.