My landlord has insurance. Why do I need renters insurance?

As a tenant, knowing the need for renters insurance is important. Even though your landlord may have insurance, they are only responsible for protecting the property, not your personal possessions. If a fire destroys your belongings or you experience theft, your landlord’s policy will not cover those expenses.

Renters insurance from Acme Insurance Brokerage can cover your items, such as furniture, clothing, and appliances. It can also help protect you if someone is injured in your home in the Long Island or Amityville, NY area. Renters’ insurance policies generally offer liability coverage, which means that if an individual suffers a loss due to something on the property you are liable for, the policy can cover the damages.

It’s important to note that renters insurance does not typically cover floods or earthquakes, so tenants should assess their specific needs for coverage and purchase additional policies if necessary. Most of these policies are relatively affordable and often require a one-time payment or a small monthly fee.

In summary, even if your landlord has insurance, it’s essential to consider purchasing renters insurance. You’re responsible for protecting yourself and your possessions; this policy can provide the security you need. Contact an insurance provider today to learn more about available coverage and how to get started.

If you have questions or need help understanding your specific needs, contact your insurance provider at Acme Insurance Brokerage for more information. We can provide you with the proper protection and guidance and proudly serve the Long Island and Amityville, NY area. With renters insurance, you can rest assured that your personal belongings are covered in case of an unexpected event. Get started today to protect yourself and your possessions!