Why Is Flood Insurance Separate from Homeowner’s Insurance?

The vast majority of homeowners don’t take the time to read through their entire policy, and it’s easy to see why this is. People may know that homeowner’s insurance will protect the most significant investment they’re likely ever to make, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to comb through a list of clauses and unfamiliar jargon. However, this can get a homeowner into trouble, especially when you consider all the things that might not be covered by your insurance.

The Dangers of Assuming 

Flood insurance is almost always a separate rider that you’ll need to attach to your primary policy. In other words, a regular policy will deny coverage if a major storm causes damage to the home, which can be catastrophic for a homeowner. If you live in Amityville, NY, Acme Insurance Brokerage wants you to know why you may want to take another look at your policy. 

Why Is Flood Insurance Separate?

The answer is relatively simple if you know anything about the insurance business: the amount of the premium won’t cover the amount in expected claims. It’s easier to exclude flood insurance rather than force everyone to pay the higher premiums. Some comprehensive policies may cover flooding (plus hurricanes, overflow, etc.), but this is a dangerous assumption to make unless you’ve carefully negotiated the terms of every disaster. 

The Perils of Water Damage 

Water damage is challenging to remove and may even lead to deadly conditions if the wrong form of mold contaminates your air. If you want to learn more about how to protect your home, Acme Insurance Brokerage is here to help the people of Amityville, NY get the protection they need. Call today to learn more.