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The state of New York boasts having endless captivating horizons and magnificent views of undulating rolling plains. It has spectacular islands that serve as hidden treasures for those looking for a place to hide. Everything is not cakes and ale, behind this beauty are uncertain risks that could cause massive financial losses. At Acme Insurance Brokerage, Inc., we strive to protect you from such perils.

Auto Insurance

New York City is considered a home to city traffic. While some people use the public transport, the majority depend on their cars. The following types of auto insurance are the minimum suggested if you live in New York.

  • Liability car insurance
  • No fault auto coverage
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage

Motorcycle Coverage

For those who enjoy bustling the streets of Manhattan or even the open country roads, you need motorcycle insurance. All registered bikes in New York must have insurance coverage. Our motorcycle coverage safeguards you from accident costs such as property damage and bodily injury.

Home Insurance

We understand that your home is your heart’s dwelling place. There is no better way of protecting your home than by taking homeowners insurance. Acme Insurance Brokeage, Inc. provides you reliable coverage and takes pride in giving you a peace of mind. Our coverage protects your home structure, properties, guests, and other liabilities that you want to be included.

Flood Insurance

Recently, most of New York was spared by the hurricane as the storm flooded Long Island regions to New Jersey. Studies have indicated that extreme weather is unavoidable in the future. Irrespective of whether you are a homeowner or a renter, our flood insurance coverage is crucial. Flooding is the top natural disaster in the U.S., even if you do not live in a floodplain.

Commercial Insurance

The businesses community in New York has a lot in mind. We understand that you have invested a lot of resources, energy, and time in establishing your business. With many risks facing you, commercial insurance remains a viable remedy. It protects your enterprise from costs and lawsuits.

We also offer umbrella insurance to extend policies you may already have in place. Regardless of the insurance coverage you need, Acme Insurance Brokerage, Inc. remains your go-to choice for insurance of all types. Try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance. For quotes on other policies, reach out to our agents to have your questions answered and learn how to get started today.