Protect Your Business With an Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy can help to protect your Amityville, NY area business if your primary policy coverage levels are exceeded. The team at Acme Insurance Brokerage is here to help you find the right umbrella policy that will keep your business operating if a major covered event occurs. Policy limits are a part of insurance that often is overlooked, and many business owners do not realize that they can be held liable for any amounts over their policy limit.

Why an Umbrella Policy is Always a Good Idea

Commercial insurance policy limits can be reached after just one natural disaster or incidence of liability. Once those coverage limits are reached, an umbrella insurance policy can then be used to provide the necessary additional coverage. Without this added protection, the business itself can be held liable for any overages. Liability is one of the most significant risks when owning a business, and it makes sense to have adequate coverage in place. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that your primary insurance policy limits are insufficient for your company’s needs. Meeting with a local insurance agent now can ensure that the appropriate coverage is in place before you need it. Commercial umbrella insurance can be a lifeline in the event of a major covered event that may otherwise take your company offline and create a difficult situation for your company and its future.

If you are a business owner in the greater Amityville, NY area and want to learn more about the many benefits of a commercial umbrella policy, contact the knowledgeable and helpful team at Acme Insurance Brokerage today! We can help you get a quote and answer any questions you may have about the policy.

Why Is Flood Insurance Separate from Homeowner’s Insurance?

The vast majority of homeowners don’t take the time to read through their entire policy, and it’s easy to see why this is. People may know that homeowner’s insurance will protect the most significant investment they’re likely ever to make, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to comb through a list of clauses and unfamiliar jargon. However, this can get a homeowner into trouble, especially when you consider all the things that might not be covered by your insurance.

The Dangers of Assuming 

Flood insurance is almost always a separate rider that you’ll need to attach to your primary policy. In other words, a regular policy will deny coverage if a major storm causes damage to the home, which can be catastrophic for a homeowner. If you live in Amityville, NY, Acme Insurance Brokerage wants you to know why you may want to take another look at your policy. 

Why Is Flood Insurance Separate?

The answer is relatively simple if you know anything about the insurance business: the amount of the premium won’t cover the amount in expected claims. It’s easier to exclude flood insurance rather than force everyone to pay the higher premiums. Some comprehensive policies may cover flooding (plus hurricanes, overflow, etc.), but this is a dangerous assumption to make unless you’ve carefully negotiated the terms of every disaster. 

The Perils of Water Damage 

Water damage is challenging to remove and may even lead to deadly conditions if the wrong form of mold contaminates your air. If you want to learn more about how to protect your home, Acme Insurance Brokerage is here to help the people of Amityville, NY get the protection they need. Call today to learn more. 

No-Fault Insurance, Liability Coverage and Comprehensive and Collision: What are the Differences?

Terms. such as no-fault insurance, liability coverage and comprehensive and collision, are frequent insurance terms. While you may have heard them, you need to truly understand their differences. Turn to the trusted agents at Acme Insurance Brokerage. They serve the needs of drivers in the Amityville, NY area and are ready to work for you!

No-Fault Auto Insurance Policies

New York is a no-fault insurance state. With this type of coverage, anyone in the vehicle, including passengers is covered. This also includes anyone who is injured in the accident while walking by or crossing the street. It will cover medical expenses and loss of income. It goes into effect regardless of who is at fault for the accident. In NY, there are some limitations on policy activations until it is found that the injuries are serious. Examples of serious injuries include bone fractures or disfigurement.

Liability Coverage

NY State requires that drivers carry minimum liability coverage. Liability insurance, though, only covers the repair costs and medical expenses of the other person in an accident where you are found to be at fault. It does not cover your repair or medical expenses. As these policies have monetary caps, if their expenses exceed that amount or they decide to sue, the policyholder is responsible for any additional funds. Generally, this is not the best way to go financially.

Comprehensive and Collision Policy

These provide better coverage for a range of events. It will cover repair costs and medical expenses. It will also protect you if your vehicle is stolen. This can be a better option.

It’s important to invest the time with a trusted agent to discuss your coverage needs. In the Amityville, NY area, the agents at Acme Insurance Brokerage are ready to serve you.  Give them a call then visit their office today!

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Flooding?

Flooding in Amityville, NY may not be an everyday occurrence, but that doesn’t make the event any less devastating when it does happen. If you own your own business, the last thing you need is experience any type of water damage. Much like smoke damage, water damage is one of the most difficult kinds of clean-up. It can also inadvertently lead to problems like mold, another infestation you shouldn’t have to deal with. Acme Insurance Brokerage wants you to be prepared with the right policy, so you can protect your inventory and location. 

Flooding and Business Insurance 

Much like home insurance, business insurance does not usually cover flooding. It’s possible that your policy has a special rider attached to it, but unless you specifically requested it, this is unlikely. Floods can occur from any number of sources, including major storms, overflowing rivers, or broken levees. If your storm drains are blocked, it may not be long before the water starts to seep into nearby buildings.

Understanding Your Options 

Business owners with locations in an area that is more prone to flooding should certainly purchase flood insurance if only for their peace of mind. The last thing any enterprise needs is a nervous business owner who’s worried about the shift in the weather. However, there may be more reasons for you to consider flood insurance once you know the real risks (especially if you’re a business is home to expensive inventory).

Call Acme Insurance Brokerage if you’re looking for better coverage for your business in Amityville, NY. We can make it easier to decide on a policy that’s right for you and your business. We’ll take you through what is and isn’t covered, so you know exactly how your business will be affected should it be impacted by flooding. 

First-time Homeowners: What You Need to Know

One of the toughest decisions for first-time homeowners is choosing the right home insurance policy. The ultimate goal is protecting their investment in the property, but for some, it may become their long-term home. Thus, it becomes a major priority for first-time homeowners to secure an insurance policy that adequately protects them from financial ruin. Acme Insurance Brokerage can help you choose the appropriate policy and find coverage that meets your needs.

The Importance of Home Insurance 

After you have chosen your dream home, now comes the time to evaluate your options for home insurance. Some homeowners believe this will be the easiest decision ever made, but don’t rush through the selection process. You must make sure the policy is as comprehensive as possible. The policy’s coverage needs to protect your new purchase from damage caused by severe weather conditions found around Amityville, NY. 

What Can Make Home Insurance More Expensive

For first-time homeowners, you can fully expect to have very little chance of getting a discount on the initial home insurance policy. Loyalty is a two-way street, so you will have to put some time and effort with an insurance agency before seeing some benefits from the working relationship. It may help to bundle your home and car insurance to gain a lower premium price. It’s crucial for you to evaluate whether the cost of the packaged deal is a better option than shopping your home and car insurance separately on the market. 

Understanding Policy’s Coverage Limits

When determining the type of coverage needed in your home insurance policy, you better keep in mind that the agreement doesn’t need to include default coverage limits in the wording of the deal. It’s the homeowner’s choice to increase or decrease the coverage limits on certain portions of the policy. In plain English, you’re increasing the dollar amount to protect certain areas of the home.

Here are some examples: dwelling protection covers the structure of the home as well as attached (garage or patio) items. You want the coverage to pay the cost of rebuilding the house in case of a disaster. Personal property coverage takes care of all personal belongings found inside the home. Liability protection covers all medical and legal expenses if a guest is injured inside the house or on the grounds of your property. 

Contact Acme Insurance Brokerage in Amityville, NY to speak with an agent about a home insurance policy and how you can get a quote.