Does my auto insurance cover me driving for Uber or Lyft?

Acme Insurance Brokerage knows that many people in Amityville, NY, and its surrounding areas work second jobs, including gig work, such as driving for Lyft or Uber. Whether personal auto insurance covers you while you drive at your gig has become a common question among gig workers.

Personal Auto Insurance Covers You Off the Clock

The personal auto insurance you purchased to register your vehicle does not automatically include coverage for driving as a gig worker. You need to add a rider called rideshare insurance for full coverage. It only covers you while you drive for personal reasons.

Uber and Lyft Provide Some Coverage

The rideshare apps Lyft and Uber provide some coverage for their drivers. According to Car and Driver, the rideshare app coverage only protects you with an active rider request or a rider in the vehicle.

You need to add rideshare insurance to your auto policy to cover you when you have the app open but have yet to accept a ride request. The app’s insurance provides you with liability coverage at this time but not with collision or comprehensive insurance coverage. If you cause an accident, you will get stuck with the repair bill for your vehicle. If a deer runs out in front of your vehicle, you would not be covered without rideshare coverage.

Personal Auto Coverage Doesn’t Apply Once You Open the App

If you decide to take a lunch break and close the app, logging out in the process, your personal auto insurance covers anything that happens during lunch. While you remain logged out of the ride-sharing app, your personal coverage protects you.

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Will my 1975 VW Bug qualify for classic car insurance?

If you own a car that’s at least twenty years or older, you may wonder if your vehicle is eligible for classic car insurance. We all know that tons of older cars are on the road, but they can’t all be considered classic…or can they? Our team at Acme Insurance Brokerage is committed to taking the confusion out of classic car insurance for Amityville, NY residents.

What is Classic Car Insurance?

Classic car insurance is car insurance designed for cars that are at least twenty years old or older. Classic car coverage includes liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage, as well as other forms of specialized coverage. Generally, you and the classic car insurance company place an agreed-upon value on your classic car, unlike conventional car insurance, which focuses on a vehicle’s actual value.

Typically, cars that are considered "classic" aren’t driven daily. It should also be noted that the definition of a classic car can vary from one insurance company to the next. However, there are general qualifications that apply to most classic cars. Most classic cars have historical interest and have been maintained in their original condition with their original specs. 

Is my 1975 VW Bug eligible for classic car insurance?

Your VW Bug may be eligible for classic car insurance. The insurance company you choose will help to determine if it’s eligible. However, there’s a good chance it would be because VW Bugs have historical interests. If your vehicle isn’t your daily driver and its original design and specs have been maintained, it may be eligible for classic car insurance. If you have more questions regarding classic car eligibility, we’d be happy to answer them. Call our office in Amityville, NY. 

Do Renter’s Need Insurance?

Renting is a great housing option as it takes much of the work off your plate. Things like taxes and big maintenance jobs are not your responsibility. However, insurance is still a housing responsibility you must consider. At Acme Insurance Brokerage, we want to help renters in Amityville, NY better understand renters insurance and if they need it. Keep reading to learn more. 

Do I Need Renter’s Insurance?

Yes, although renter’s insurance is not required by law like auto insurance, this type of coverage is a wise investment. Renters should consider purchasing renter’s insurance to protect their personal belongings while living in the rental property. 

Will The Property Insurance Cover My Stuff?

Your landlord will have property insurance place for their rental property. Still, this type of insurance does not provide any coverage or reimbursement to you if your personal belongings are lost. You might lose personal belongings due to a fire, natural disaster, or burglary.

What Happens Without Renters’ Insurance?

If you do not have renters’ insurance in place and your items are lost in one of the ways listed above, the replacement or repair of those items will be your personal responsibility. Paying for these expenses out of pocket could financially burden you and your family. 

The solution is to talk with an insurance representative about renter’s insurance. This professional will be able to help you understand your options and how much insurance coverage you might need for your specific needs. 

If you would like to learn more about renter’s insurance or any of our other insurance products, please contact us at Acme Insurance Brokerage. We are currently serving residents in Amityville, NY, and the surrounding areas. We will be happy to help you today.  

How workers compensation insurance can protect both you and your employees

Workers’ compensation insurance from Acme Insurance Brokerage can be a beneficial form of protection for employers and employees in the Amityville, NY area. This type of insurance provides financial coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and death benefits when an employee is injured or becomes ill due to their job. 

For employers, workers’ compensation insurance helps cover the costs of any potential lawsuits that may arise from an employee’s work-related injury or illness. This type of insurance also helps protect businesses from costly legal fees and other related expenses that can come with such a lawsuit. Additionally, it reduces the financial risks associated with hiring and retaining employees by providing a protective barrier between employers and their workers. 

On the other hand, employees benefit greatly from having their employer carry workers’ compensation insurance. If injured due to an accident at work, they will have access to medical care without worrying about who will foot the bill. This type of insurance also provides wage replacement should they need time off to recover from injuries or illnesses.

Overall, workers’ compensation insurance is an excellent way for employers and employees to protect themselves financially in case of an unexpected workplace accident or injury. For more information, or if you want to sleep better at night knowing that your employees and your business are protected, call us at Acme Insurance Brokerage today. We are proud to serve the Amityville, NY area and would be happy to help you find a policy that meets your needs and budget.

How To Protect Your Home From Burglary

Your top priority is your family’s safety; the last thing you ever want to imagine is a home invasion or burglary. However, the best way to prevent this type of tragedy from happening is actually to give it some thought and intention to make sure you are doing all you can to protect your home. At Acme Insurance Brokerage, serving Amityville, NY, we want to share a few ways to protect your home from burglary. Keep reading to learn more. 

Invest In A Quality Security System 

Even if you have never considered having a security system, this is truly one of the best ways to protect your home. The very presence of a security system will often deter home invaders. Systems that are programmed to notify authorities in the event of an emergency can also cut response time down significantly. This can mean the difference between a potential tragedy and an actual tragedy. Although you might not want to invest in a quality security system, this is better for your family in the long run. 

Ditch Outdated Safety Practices 

Many families are still engaging in outdated practices that could potentially make your home a target for invasion. For instance, hiding keys outside your home, sharing lock codes, or leaving windows unlocked. Although families may have done these things in the past with little worry, today, these practices should be avoided. 

If you want to learn about homeowners insurance to protect your home better, please contact us at Acme Insurance Brokerage, serving Amityville, NY. We will be happy to answer your questions. 



Questions you should ask an agent before purchasing auto insurance

Choosing auto insurance is one of the most important things if you own a car. However, it might not be easy because there are many insurance options. If you are currently shopping for car insurance, here are the questions you should ask an insurance agent to make the right choice. 

What Questions Should You Ask an Insurance Agent When Choosing Auto Insurance?

The purpose of any insurance agent is to help you find the perfect insurance option based on your budget and needs. However, it would be best if you asked them the right questions:

  • What does my insurance cover? It is essential to understand that different insurance companies have different insurance options. Ask an insurance agent about coverage options before buying any insurance plan. 
  • If my car is totaled, how much money will I receive? If you get involved in a car accident, you want to ensure you receive a fair claim check. For this reason, you should discuss in advance the amount you will be paid if your car is totaled. 
  • Who else besides me can drive my car? You should always ask an insurance agent who may or may not be considered a secondary driver on your auto insurance. This will help you avoid issues with your insurance and claims in the future. 

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Are you searching for auto insurance in Amityville, NY, or any other nearby town in New York? Do not hesitate to contact Acme Insurance Brokerage – a local insurance company specializing in different types of insurance, including auto insurance. Our qualified and knowledgeable insurance agents will help you find an insurance plan to address your personal insurance needs and provide the coverage you deserve. Please do not hesitate to contact us to know more details. 

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

Do you have a classic, exotic, or modified car? If you do, you have reason to be concerned about what your insurance company would offer you if you totaled it. Acme Insurance Brokerage serving Amityville, NY can help you lock in a fair value for your car that makes replacement possible.

Insurance companies insure classic, exotic, and modified cars in three ways. Let’s start with the valuation method nearly everyone has on their classic car.

Actual Cash Value, or ACV

Actual cash value means saying "what your car was worth just before you crashed it." More precisely, ACV is what an adjuster thinks your car was worth before you crashed it.

If you disagree with the adjuster, you must present evidence to support your claim. This can be hard to do if you are recovering from injuries you sustained in a crash. If you can’t come to an agreement on the value of your car, you may have to go into mediation or take your insurance company to court. This can be a significant hassle.

Agreed Value

When actual cash value is the problem, the agreed value is the solution. If an agreed value is written up properly in your policy, there isn’t any wiggle room on the value of your car. But if you aren’t getting your coverage at Acme Insurance Brokerage in Amityville, NY, you may actually be getting the third valuation method with your policy.

Stated Value

When you get your classic car insurance online from one of the big companies, you will almost always get coverage for the stated value of your car. 

You might think that the agreed and stated values are the same, and you are covered either way. But many insurance companies include a clause in the policy that says, "In the event of theft or a total loss, we will pay the Stated Value or the Actual Cash Value, whichever is less."

In other words, you can state the value of your classic car, and the insurance company can ignore it.

Don’t try to get insurance for your classic car on your own. Let Acme Insurance Brokerage serving Amityville, NY help you find exactly the coverage you need.

My landlord has insurance. Why do I need renters insurance?

As a tenant, knowing the need for renters insurance is important. Even though your landlord may have insurance, they are only responsible for protecting the property, not your personal possessions. If a fire destroys your belongings or you experience theft, your landlord’s policy will not cover those expenses.

Renters insurance from Acme Insurance Brokerage can cover your items, such as furniture, clothing, and appliances. It can also help protect you if someone is injured in your home in the Long Island or Amityville, NY area. Renters’ insurance policies generally offer liability coverage, which means that if an individual suffers a loss due to something on the property you are liable for, the policy can cover the damages.

It’s important to note that renters insurance does not typically cover floods or earthquakes, so tenants should assess their specific needs for coverage and purchase additional policies if necessary. Most of these policies are relatively affordable and often require a one-time payment or a small monthly fee.

In summary, even if your landlord has insurance, it’s essential to consider purchasing renters insurance. You’re responsible for protecting yourself and your possessions; this policy can provide the security you need. Contact an insurance provider today to learn more about available coverage and how to get started.

If you have questions or need help understanding your specific needs, contact your insurance provider at Acme Insurance Brokerage for more information. We can provide you with the proper protection and guidance and proudly serve the Long Island and Amityville, NY area. With renters insurance, you can rest assured that your personal belongings are covered in case of an unexpected event. Get started today to protect yourself and your possessions!

Four things that will help you when you buy motorcycle insurance

There are requirements that every state has regarding motorcycle insurance. You need to buy motorcycle insurance if you own and drive a bike in New York. At Acme Insurance Brokerage, we sell motorcycle insurance policies and can help you with coverage.

Here are four things that will help you when you buy motorcycle insurance. 

Having a good record as a motorist

Insurance companies may be unwilling to sell insurance to bikers with poor driving records. If you have a good DMV record with few or no infractions, any insurance company out there will be happy to take you on as a customer. 

Putting time into exploring your options

Getting the best policy for the unique situation you’re in requires you to do some research. By spending time discovering motorcycle insurance options, you can be confident that you’ve chosen a policy that suits your situation. 

Being informed about the types of motorcycle insurance

There are a few different motorcycle insurance types that you’ll want to know about.

Most importantly, you need to know about liability insurance since it’s required by law in New York. You’ll also want to know about collision and comprehensive coverage.

There are a few additional types of coverage you might want to know about and purchase to be financially protected as a biker. 

Investing in safety technology for your bike

Safety features like anti-lock brakes, adaptive headlights, and automatic clutch and shift features can make your biker safer. These features can also qualify you for discounts on your motorcycle insurance policy.

Consider investing in installing such features to save on insurance over time. 

Are you ready to buy motorcycle insurance? Let us be your source of information on motorcycle insurance in Amityville, NY at Acme Insurance Brokerage. Get a quote from us today and explore our policy options. 

How Does Boat Size Affect Your Insurance Policy?

Boaters in Amityville, NY are not legally required to obtain boat insurance, though many choose to do so for the protection it offers. In addition, a lender will generally require you to purchase indemnification while there is a balance on your watercraft. 

Boat size can affect your insurance policy, as it can affect the types of risk you may be subject to. A bigger boat may be one you can spend more time in at sea, increasing the possibility of being involved in a mishap. An accident may cost significantly more to fix damage to your boat and address issues you cause to another vessel. 

However, larger boats are more stable and less likely to lose control over them. Accidents can sometimes happen, though, with propellors that are not fully disengaged before guests go swimming, causing injury and medical expenses. Acme Insurance Brokerage agents are eager to discuss specifics with you in more detail. 

Electrical problems can occur when docked and hooked into a power source to run electronics, which can harm your property and people. A bigger boat can have various systems and components that need upkeep, such as the exhaust ports. These can become blocked, sending CO2 back into the main cabin, and sickening passengers and crew. 

Larger vessels are more difficult to operate successfully, and it’s necessary to have experience before embarking on this endeavor. Many insurers will want to know that you have the necessary knowledge to undertake this challenge. 

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