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Umbrella Insurance Coverages

Umbrella Insurance

Many-a-times, we tend to slip into a comfort zone after we have taken out comprehensive auto, home, or boat insurance policies. While such insurance policies are indeed reassuring, you’ll still need to have an extra policy in case the lawsuits emanating from your auto, home, or boat injuries and damages exceed your policy’s limits. The extra money goes towards compensating the aggrieved plaintiffs and covering all the legal representation costs incurred in the lawsuits. Acme Insurance Brokerage, Inc. in New York offers umbrella insurance to extend your coverage and keep you protected.

Here are a few perfect instances where you need umbrella insurance coverage.

Offsetting Medical Bills

This insurance policy saves you from footing the exorbitant medical bills arising when contractors or kids get injured while on your premises or because of an accident you caused. This third-party coverage handles the medical bills incurred for persons injured or harmed in accidents involving your vehicle. It’s also ideal for covering the medical liability arising from any injuries and damages caused to others by your pets.

Asset Cover

An umbrella policy protects property owners from being sued by tenants. You should never leave any insurance aspect to chance. Even with the right safety precautions at your rentals, accidents are still inevitable. Armed with this insurance policy, however, you’ll never lose sleep about losing a fortune if a tenant slips and falls down the flight of stairs at your apartments.

Personal Liability

You’ll need this insurance coverage in the unfortunate event that you get sued for libel, slander, and defamation. This coverage extends to cater to liabilities arising from your kid’s accidentally breaking valuables at a friend's house or school.

At Acme Insurance Brokers, Inc., we’ve spent the last two decades learning and perfecting the art of insurance. We are committed to delivering quality, prompt, and cost-friendly insurance products and services to safeguard the health and wellness of our esteemed clients. Our interests of our clients always take priority.

Visit or call our offices to learn how to get a quote. You’ll receive a consultation and learn more about what a policy from Acme Insurance Brokerage, Inc in New York can do for you. Our agents are ready to answer your questions and get you started on an umbrella insurance policy.

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